October 26, 2017- How to become oneself and live with others while having morning coffee

Hello October,

yesterday I had a discussion on what it is to be oneself and to live with others. I don’t like conforming, this is boring and the opposite of life to me. But we also live with others, how does this coincide?

I put up an artistic project where I try a compromise: do something I love, but give to the Establishment something they will like, so that everyone can feel happy about it.

Now let’s see how it will go.

If making others happy doesn’t cost me my quintessential values, I can do that.

Oh, and coffee is good at Beany Green near Paddington Central.



September 12, 2017- Morning café mood

Hello September,

the busy or the empty café for the morning?

If I go to the empty and I fill sleepy, I might continue on the same mood.

If I go to the busy, there is not much work to be done because people are buzzing around.


I chose the busy.

And here I am, writing my post with numerous people passing by, in and out.

I have promised myself to focus and be alert to all the opportunities that will come my way.

Let’s be busy in a meaningful way.

Not agitating myself, but doing.



October 23b- The café accross the street- or how to break free from the past

Dear October,

the café across the street is an extension of my home. It is not as if they decided it exactly, they were invaded and had to live with the consequences :-). Yesterday I asked them to keep the keys of my home and pass it to a friend who would come to visit. Tonight I camped there with another friend while waiting for my  laundry to finish.

I asked them to keep our table with the drinks while we went out on an errand.

So,  it turns out that when I feel at home, I will do what I am accustomed to. It could be something nice, like meeting friends, or less nice, as for example, eating something that is not good for me.

Is it the same thing with relationships? Do we have a habit as to the way we react and apply it in our next meeting?

Are we ready to really meet someone new, or is it that we are concentrated in our own childhood or other traumas, and just use new acquaintances to replay well-known scenes?

How do we break free from the past and embrace the new without preconceptions and judgments?

Do you have an answer October?

Well, maybe it helps to understand what is our own story, and how to write a new one.




July 12-Enjoying my neigborhood

Dear July,

the rhythm of my last days was intensive enough to make me wake up at 11.00 today. I was supposed to get to the art exhibition, but found out the debriefing was not going to take place, so I could skip it.

The day started with coffee with my neighbour next door, one of my dearest friends. We had to catch up for the last few days: a lot of things have happened for both of us.

Just after, I went for lunch at my usual Saturday café. There is something about this place that reminds me of a family’s living room. Probably because it is owned by a real family. Perfect for relaxing 🙂

I thought I should wear something colourful and flowery to give me energy, but was sleepy and all I did was to follow from time to time the conversation of a mother and daughter who were having lunch beside me. They were to participate to a baby’s baptism. There would be a dinner party after. Should the adolescent girl be seated with the children or the adults?

The next step was a meeting with another friend at another café of the same street. We sat outside, observing the passers-by. The new generation of toddlers was present, parading with their parents and their tiny scooters.

And just because it is good to get up and exercise from time to time, we went to yet a third café of the neighborhood and a found a new spot to continue the conversation.

Just by sitting there and talking, we participate to the life of the street, we remake the world, in our conversation and imagination!


toddler girl on a scooter in a park in spring day photo