October 19b- Philosophical Paris ;-)

Dear October,

it has been a beautiful day in Paris, about 24 degrees Celsius, and everybody was out: in terraces, on the streets, the parks… You could see people of every possible age: old ladies who could barely walk, couples, children with their scooters, and of course, a lot of tourists.

After a visiting two of my favorite Sunday cafés, and meeting up with some friends, I decided to go for a walk to another neighbourhood. Because you see, I am in the mood for change and transformation.

I picked up the Bastille area, that was also crowded. The walking pace at the Rue de la Roquette, was really slow. Among the cafés of the Place de la Bastille, the “Café des Phares” the first philosophical café, with its simple decor, full of charm. The philosopher Marc Sautet started organizing discussions every Sunday morning in 1992, with the idea to reintroduce philosophical debate in the public sphere. After his death, other people have continued the initiative, that has a lot of followers.

The philosophical café, is a very Parisian tradition, in different historical periods. They are all over the city, meeting places for artists and intellectuals who meet up and co-create…


I am absolutely thrilled to have had a coffee there, even if it was too late to assist in the discussion. (Next time I need to be present at 10.30!).

Now, I told you all this because I want to prove to you that I try new paths.

Because, in order to become an upgraded version of me, I need to surprise myself and get my brain to work again 🙂

Apparently, I have to pick up a bad habit, and replace it.

Just one?