April 26: post day 13- To the seaside at the South of France!

Hi April,

yes, I am going to my hometown in the South of France and then, to the seaside close to Cannes, with a group of friends!

How is that so? I am going for another presentation of my French book and to choose a place for a future art exhibition. Not bad eh?

So I am sleepless in London, preparing a suitcase and trying not to keep my eyes open because I am catching a morning flight.

You don t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the glamour of Cannes


March 18, 2016- day 38 in 60 day challenge: my book’s presentation in 3 days!

Dear March,

I am practically speechless, grateful and excited: my first book’s presentation is taking place in 3 days at my hometown!

Goodby London -for a week-, I am going to the South of France to the small local bookstore around the corner!