June 23- Summertime in Paris: the quartier Bibliothèque

Dear June,

don’t tell me you don’t like this kind of open-air cafés and restaurants that open during summertime close to the concert-ships or “bateau-concerts” such as the Nix Nox, the Batofar and others. There are a lot of events organized around and on them. This time I am talking about the 13 arrondissement of Paris, close to the National Library, the “Bibliothèque François Mitterand”.

You can also have lunch and coffee, sunbathe, if it is a sunny day. It is just wonderful to stay close to the river, on a chaise-long, listen to the music and live the illusion of a holiday by the sea.

Anyway, here is where I took one of the artists who arrived in Paris from Ireland, and who participates in a future performance. A nice, quiet person with a lot of fire, I first met two years ago. We talked about his recent work.

Then, it was question of our personal life: he had a second child in the last couple of years. How about you April? Eh… I haven’t had any, nor a stable boyfriend, job, nor a sense of material security for the future. I am in love with B, I haven’t even kissed yet. But I like what I do, and as a bonus, I can have a café by the river whenever I want.

Ok, the truth is, I like my life, but an improvement in any of these fields could be very welcome.

I could have added: I am also part of the fantasy of foreign artists I work with, who would like to live an adventure with me, as an ingredient of their trip to Paris. Not you, dear Irish, you are very serious. But I had a recent experience with a Dutch, who wasn’t satisfied with photos, wine tasting and art.

I am flattered to be chosen as the ingredient for someone’s romantic fantasy, but I hope they don’t mind I have other plans for myself 🙂