March 1st, 2021: Mood boosting and Baby steps for change

Welcome March!

Yes, I am still in my hometown at my parents’ place, working remotely. It will soon be a year, and I wouldn’t have thought it possible, if you asked me a few months ago.

So, is it possible to set goals when you don’t know exactly what tomorrow looks like?

Yes, it is.

By focusing on what we can have a sense of : the present, the next minute.

What is we don’t feel like it?

And then if we start with a bad mood what we do gets messed up?

Use a lift-mood activity:



Go for a short walk

Read inspiring and feel good books before going to sleep 😉

toddler laughing while standing near red petaled flowers

January 9, 2020: Back to London!

Hello January,

I am full of resolutions and I got up early today, decided to be my best self possible;

By midday, I have advanced at the things I was to finish during holidays, but I feel a bit stressed up with practical issues I have started but didn’t finish due to all this cake.

How will I chase away any fog and feel and act with confidence?

Well, I decided to eat better to begin with. Try and see if super greens are as super as they are reputed for.

Now, when it comes to people harassing us for former mistakes or failing to live up to their expectations what to do?

Just do something and see if it works.

One step a day.

Baby steps

baby steps 1

Baby steps for future millionaires (part 1)