April 29 – the star

Dear April,

Today I had a meeting with a former literature professor at school, a big favorite, who also became a writer. He is now close to retirement from civil service, but his writing career continues.

It was great seeing him again!

We met at the café, and between two bites of croissant and a coffee, we managed to catch up for last year. He was advising me on publishing houses for my book. Another friend of his joined after a while, and he told her I was a “star” student, and continued being a star.

Now a “guest star” in my hometown and hopefully a star in Paris, I thought. In case Parisians haven’t realized it yet, I will help them open their eyes soon… 🙂

I also treated him as a rock star, when he explained that a student was harassing him and he had to hide in order to escape and go home.

A bit later, during a conversation with another friend, she questioned certain artists’ vanity: their need to be acknowledged and admired for their work. I quiet understand this need: how difficult it is to accept criticism when you put something of yourself into your creation. Identity seems to fuse with the work, frontiers are blurred.

If we want to advance, we need extendable identities … to love our work for what it is, and at the same time to be nurtured by the feedback.

We need to be a bit“vain”, consider ourselves, simultaneously as perfect and able to transform

As artists, as humans, we love, we ask to be loved, we are lovable every single moment of our lives!