February 12, 2016- Day 15 of 60 day challenge for quantum leap- Fly me to the moon

Hello dear February,

yes i would like to fly to the moon and back, after a day spent on creative thinking and putting together some pieces of my artistic puzzle.

St Valentine’s day is approaching. And then, what was my ex boyfriend doing in my dream last night?

I would rather start a new chapter. I am in London. I am for the moon. And the stars. And the other planets.

I will land on the friendliest of them 😉

December 7, 2015- A new artistic challenge in my hometown, South of France

Hello December,

have I mentioned that the reason I left Paris for a year in London was to work on an artistic project? Well, part of the plan was to go back to my hometown for a month and a half, to look for local artists who will join this project. So here I am, in my hometown, at the South of France, again.

Yes, in my family home, because my funding hasn’t arrived yet. This is a challenge in itself. I have to face apart from the occasional curious neighbor, old teacher from school or classmate, the also- crazy members of close family.

Is it possible to concentrate in these conditions?

I would say it is a kind of mental exercise 😉

My hometown is the harbor I started my trip from. Touching base from time to time is important.

Because I sail on again 🙂


October 29, 2015- “Luck be a lady”

No, October dear, I don’t mean completely. I mean at home. I haven’t a bank account yet and the telephone company mailed my bill to the wrong address. I also forgot my oyster card at home. Is there a special message in all this? Oh probably I need to play lotto. Because my bill was sent instead to a lotto game center.

Now, I ended up finding a place to connect myself to the internet and write down my thoughts and feelings.

Tomorrow I meet the boss of the new platform I have landed to in London and I am eager to see what he feels. Here I am, April, motivated, crazy and always with many dreams I need to put into action. With book plans, projects and ideas to last two life times.

Maybe I need to choose one or two and communicate them as clearly as possible!

March 26- Looking for sunshine on a cloudy day

Hello dear March,

I don’t know how to say it, but the day started cloudy and rainy, with some results that didn’t go in the direction of my wishes. I had some “inside” information that my project will not be chosen for funding.

Now, I still need to see what was said about it from the people who are taking the decisions. Just to help me see if it is something I can learn and try again, or not. Right now I am not sure what to think.

Am I unreasonable to try in the same direction? Well, it depends to who I ask the question to.

I will ask it to people I respect, and who know how this system works, to help me see more clearly.

But after this, I needed something agreeable to think, so I went to FNAC, the culture department store in France, where you find from books, music, to computers, … theater tickets…

I was looking around and fell into someone I have briefly met in the past. He gave me a precious information. Where I can find a person who might help me understand what is going on with my artistic endeavors.

That was a sunbeam that brightened my day.

And the presence of an American writer, who happened to talk about his work at the moment I was there:

Michael Connelly.

I liked something he said on his writing style.

He doesn’t make a plan, he starts and then lets the story guide him. (Maybe he has an idea of an ending he is looking for, a sort of goal).

But he couldn’t tell us about all the steps.

I might learn something from this technique and apply it to my life.

I know I have a purpose.

It’s ok if I don’t see all the steps from where I stand right now.

I can trust and be comfortable with the unknown.


November 3 – A four-day challenge for me!

Hello November,

you came with a new challenge for me: I decided to submit a project for funding for November 7. When did I find out about the call? Three days ago, and I have a lot of material to propose, but I really need to put it well together in order to show what I’ve got 🙂

The thing is, I have an idea I really like, and I can see already great artists and great people working with me on that, bringing together their creativity and ideas!

Writing is part of it, so my inner self should be also satisfied.

It is so great to bring together a good team, it gives so much energy!

I just finished a draft and tomorrow I will see a few people to try it on them 🙂

Here is a song I found on you tube by chance, and I like to share it: “Top of the World”, The Carpenters