October 30, 2015- Halloween and late hours at the office

Hello October

with no internet connexion at home and no telephone I stay late at my new Platform office until late. For someone addicted to the wifi it is a big deal to be wireless.

So, what news? You might ask.

I had lunch with my new Platform’s artistic director who seemed to like my project. He has been very diplomatic considering funding, and to be honest I don’t know what that means. Will he move his little finger?

I couldn’t tell.

I am a bit exotic to him but I trust in some form of Providence that is present whenever I follow my instinct. Whenever I do things I don’t usually do.

So have a clementine (for vitamin C) and a piece of chocolate (for the pleasure) April and let the universe take charge! Let your imagination run wild!

Go celebrate Halloween and have fun!





November 4 – Second day of challenge: have fun!

Dear November,

I was to have a meeting with the big boss this morning, but something came up and he postponed it to tomorrow morning.

This is ok, but he also added I need to discuss the details of my project with the wannabe boss, the no 2, and this is what I have been trying to avoid. The wannabe boss has been very hard on me last year, and I want to go around him, let him be in a parallel universe to mine. Like two planets with a different orbit…

At the same time, there is the funding proposal for the end of the week. The deadline could be useful to concentrate and come up with something clear that can be communicated to other people…

I have advanced with that last night, however, there is more 🙂

After some moments of self-doubt and questioning, I went to the nearest park and watched the trees, the grass and birds. It was an inspiring moment. If I am going to convince anyone, I have first to be convinced of my ideas. And enthusiastic about them! Isn’t it great!

The most important thing is to have fun with the whole process 🙂

So I am going to pump up the volume of fun!

Another vintage song: