June 3 and 4, 2016: crashing a party ;-)

Hello June

these last two days I kind of crashed a party: it was for my work not for pleasure; or maybe both 🙂

I was told about the launch of an event in the near future and I had inside information about the whereabouts of the group who would prepare it. I vaguely know the person in charge so I appeared on the day X with an innocent smile: oh, I was just in the neighborhood!

Finally they asked me to stay and it is even possible that I will become part of the group in a formal way: at the same time I take a risk of passing the tolerance limit of the person in charge who might find me undisciplined …

I was feeling between happy for my risk and afraid I overdid it… is it worth being intelligent and coming up with good ideas if this was not the moment to speak my mind? Because when I get somewhere I forget about strategy and like to enjoy myself.

“Cerise sur le gâteau” : one of the senior star-artists who was invited had a crush on me; he emailed me something that looked like a love letter today; he is definitely not my type and that could complicate things.

The only plus: he is living in Vancouver; so we might only see him again next month:



June 17- New Orchid branch: regeneration

Hello dear June,

I know that I haven’t tried a first half of the month update to check on my accomplishments for you. And yes, if you want a direct answer I have been avoiding it. And to distract you even further, I was planing to tell you about a new branch that my baby-orchid is growing. Yes, after she dropped her flowers. This branch is growing under one of the leaves, that is why it has passed unnoticed until now.

Plus, two new flowers blossoming for the bigger plant. After all these good news, do I need to get back to the rest of my day?

Well, I will start with the slightly unproductive side: I have been daydreaming here and there and also playing games with my computer. I have answered two quizzes on Facebook. I also did more serious things, such as planning the representation of the artist who is to perform on Thursday, and emailing people of the Press to remind them of it.

Then, we had a serious discussion with a Platform co-organizer who wanted to get rid of an artist participating to a future event. This person used to be a friend of hers, but now she can’t stand him. Always capricious, and in terms of quality, he is not giving the best of himself.

Is there a way to keep feelings out and be “objective”, having in mind the common good? And what could this be in our case? A great performance? Relationships are crucial when we are a team.

After all, what is our purpose when we work in an artistic field? And more precisely what is mine?

I want to offer new spaces where people can rest, discuss, have fun and feel refreshed. At least. Contribute to the global creativity, to life!

So I need to be fun, creative and in peace with myself, in order to create this sort of situation. And I need others. Yes, impossible to do everything by myself. Others who will contribute their creativity, love and fun.

And for a work of art? True love!



June 11- Another dilemma

Hello June,

there was another dilemma to solve: I had booked a space for two representations of a theatrical group, the first tomorrow and the other next Thursday, but they told me they were unable to perform. I don’t want to get into the details, but let’s say that I learnt about it ten days ago.

My intention was to find an alternative scheme and not to have to cancel the reservation. It was a difficult decision considering the Platform’s wannabe boss who might be looking for an excuse to throw me out; if I canceled at the last minute, my credibility could be affected.

But I didn’t react as quickly and as effectively as I should have. And I didn’t find an alternative plan to replace the theatrical group. So, that left me with the obligation to cancel the events at the last minute. Ok, this can happen. An artist might get sick, etc, but deep down it didn’t look very responsible on my side. And I didn’t like that.

I procrastinated as much as I could. It is kind of hard to take responsibility and say you are sorry. At about 18.00 I was out for coffee trying to enjoy the sunshine. In reality I had to act! I called a friend to get some advice. Go ahead and email everybody! She told me.

I did. I was kind of worrying about lots of things: are people going to trust me again? How about the Platform bosses?