May 20th, 2021- On getting my first shot of Moderna vaccine and trying our luck in other countries

Hello dear May,

how does it feel to get my first shot of Moderna vaccine? Well, my left arm hurts a bit and I feel kind of tired (but this could be due to other stuff).

While I was going back home, I had a conversation with a taxi driver whose young daughter dreams of studying and living in Japan. Sounds like a great idea, although, and sorry my Japanese friends, I don’t know how are things now for foreign women trying to have a life and a career in Japan. What is the place of women nowadays?

So, study, I said definitely for this great culture, and then go and see if whatever she proposes will find a welcoming reception.

I know something about trying to make it in different places from where we have been born. And I have had roadblocks, cultural shocks etc

One essential thing has been not to insist past a certain point. When our basic values, or actions clash with a cultural or sociopolitical system, there is no need to insist and we need to take a shortcut. Or a long cut. Another way, in other words.

The essential thing is to keep walking!

June 8, 2017- alarm snooze at 4.00 in the morning

Hello June,

I set the alarm at 4.00 in the morning instead of 6.00 I meant to wake up and I ended up at 7.00; in any case, I am happy with that.

The good thing, I am much more awake at 9.00 than in the previous days, and writing. This is great I would say.

I am checking again my short story and try to refocus my strategy after a double no from two job applications.

I didn’t have my heart to it. Some haters from the Parisian world were there.

So, where to?

To my next adventure!

December 3, 2015: Update of my adventures- Back to the Future

Dear December, dear blog-friends,

I started this blog as a form of journal and testimony of the change I desired to see in myself and my life, a year and a half ago.

There were a lot of things which made me grateful: living in Paris, to begin with. For a girl who grew up in a small town of the  the South of France, this is so exciting! This city is an experience by itself, even in its worst moments. But there were some issues:

after having been laid off by the wannabe boss and having spent some time floating on the roof tops of Paris,

with my writing

my artistic projects and dreams

my old and new loves,


Since October 2015, I let you know how, as a former French small town girl, and a Parisian, I adapt to life in London

For a year. With a new artistic project.

What is going to change in my life?

I am ready to live the adventure!


November 2nd, 2015- November settling down to London

Hello November,

I realize this is the first post of the month so I wish you a warm welcome from London! All these details about bank accounts, mobile phone issues, tooth ache, just disappear in the background!

I am happy to be in London starting something new and the small discomforts and resistances are part of the adventure. So let it be let it be and go on! More the less we had a beautiful and sunny week-end!

Now what if my internet doesn’t work at home or if I have been overcharged for calls… what if the employee of the mobile phones store told me I can make international calls on mobile lines for less than land lines…

let’s not resist change and go with the flow wherever this is taking me…

But could you just give me a hint? Is it a good idea to come over here? Should I have returned to my parents’ home instead and hidden on the basement where no one would ever hear about my adventures and wishes to become a well-known author, an art authority and one of the sexiest women alive?


And here is a photo of a compatriote to inspire me, Brigitte Bardot 😉

September 30, 2015- To new beginnings

Dear September,

this is your last day, and you are not the only one preparing to leave Paris. I am to pack my suitcase pretty soon and get to London!

Do I have a flat? I almost do. I managed to persuade a real estate agent that I am a responsible individual and to trust me with a two bedroom flat. This is why I look for a flatmate. To be honest, I can only afford half of it.

Then why not take a room in another’s flat? Because I didn’t like any of those I saw; and the studios on my budget were too expensive and ugly.

So I took a risk. Another one.

You are adventurous, told me the guy I met at the café on Saturday.

I had never thought of myself in that way. At least not when I have favorite hangouts in the city.

But he knew something about adventures, he had been travelling in 27 countries around the world.

You know what?

I would love to think of myself in that way 😉