February 1rst, 2016: Challenge day 5 of 60. Believing the best of people

Welcome February!

I took a walk in Hyde Park in London, to celebrate your arrival. It was windy, but the temperature was beautiful and looking at the trees just makes me feel good.

Well, I have decided to make a quantum leap in the next days, so my approach today has been to believe in the best of people. Even those who have challenged me. And to make them see they count for me, I just value their approach, even if we disagree.

This could be true for flatmates, colleagues, partners, lovers, …

It was very helpful to me as it has smoothed my day and I can go around with a BIG smile on my face 🙂


http://rob-ryan.blogspot.co.uk/2007_01_01_archive.html, here is where this beautiful picture comes from