May 23, 2016: From Paris to London

Hello May

I am packing and unpacking, after ten days spent between Rouen and Paris in France. Did I visit all the last exhibitions? Well quiet a few of them especially those of my friends. But I dedicated my last day to shopping! Yes London might be great but with my euro as currency I am faithful to Parisian shops and style. Shoes and a bag that goes with it was my priority. They should match this is the reason I walked about 15000 steps -according to my smartphone to find them 😉

But I also brought back with me a lot of feelings, between nostalgia, already six months that I have left- and happiness to find dear friends again!

I need to be more socially active here in London!

May 16, 2016: “à Paris” again!

Et oui dear May,

I am in Paris again! It almost took me two months to visit again the dear city where I have spent most of my adult life… and I have a lot of emotions to walk on my street and feel as if I had never moved!

But things have also changed and a lot of things happened in the six months of my absence, not all of them good. But still, and despite a weather which is windy and cloudy, it is May in Paris!

I already met with two of my best friends and now, since it is a holiday in France, I linger in one of my Paris headquarter cafés; with my computer.

Lots of great ideas came to me as I was letting my mind wander, but my working space was kind of reactive to my ideas and I had felt stuck.

I am happy to be here for a week? Yes for sure. Am I happy to have left for London? Yes definitely. We will see what the future holds.

Because it is nice to creat habits, and even nicer to change them!

April 20, 2016: Post day 7- how to define a strategy

Dear April,

a small change I can try today is how to learn from feedback without letting it throw me off-balance. Yesterday I invited an artist to participate in an event I will organize back to France. He told me the gallery is not good enough for him and he wouldn’t know of anyone who would be interested. From his acquaintances.

That kind of shook me because it triggered older insecurities. I believed in this project and I mean to go back to Paris to talk with the gallery people. This idea of hierarchy somehow made me sad.

Is he right? Should I try to connect to the places/people with the best possible reputation instead of going the other-way round? Meaning, instead of collaborating with those I like and whose work I appreciate without checking on their reputation?

My former way of doing things has not been very productive from a material point of view. But starting from the utility of people and things is not in my philosophy.

Coming to London, is an opportunity because I have connected to a lively artistic platform with a good “reputation”: How can I evolve from here in a way that I am in harmony with my values in life?

Deep aspects of blogging strategy

April 1rst, 2016: 2 YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY and Versatile Blogger Award ;-)

Dear April welcome!

Actually this is my 2 YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY and I feel so happy to have used this form of expressing thoughts and emotions, and to meet new creative friends! The blog started as a form of a game, it was supposed to be read by my two closest friends and little by little it got emancipated and I enjoyed the whole process 🙂

Two years ago I was living in Paris and was suffering under the “wannabe boss”: one of those guys who need to oppress others in order to feel they exist. I tried to find what really matters to me and focus into something I would enjoy instead of just avoiding or even ” wining” in a battle that had no meaning. I was working as an artistic event organizer, free-lance and underpaid, with literary aspirations.

Since mid-October I relocated to London and try what it is to live in a new city with new opportunities in love and in life. I recently launched my first book -in French!- and enjoy my new adventures!

As it is an anniversary, I thought it is ok to “defrost” a Blogger Award in order to cheer me up. I prefer to consider an award as something which is better with time like a good wine 😉

The nomination has come from Rozanne and her blog Life is Rosie ( who has also relocated, but not as close as I did: she is currently living in Hong Kong and I wish her all the best to her blogging, personal and professional life! Her blog is fresh and rose, just a touch of spring!

Versatile Blogger Award




The rules are:

Show the award on your blog: Done!
Thank the person who nominated you: I just did, it only took me a few months…
Share seven facts about yourself: I will
Nominate 15 blogs: I would need to add to this list, because it means serious work … as Rozanne I start with 1+5 with a promise to continue…
Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know: ok

Seven Facts:

  1. I can be lazy but it is only to preserve my peace of mind 🙂
  2. I have been abusing on chocolate lately
  3. I have a secret identity that will be revealed when my novel gets published in english
  4. I like listening to conversations in cafes and restaurants, so don’t sit next to me
  5. I have read my favorite books about 10 times
  6. I love dancing
  7. I believe in good in this world

And the nominated blogs :

a. Brian’s blog: A blog about Magic, Fiction and Art!

b., “On the Other Side of the Trees”


d., or Lady Gray

e., Erika Kind for her presence in so many ways

f., Anna Kendi

and I will keep on adding more blogs!

Versatile Blogger Award

2 Year Anniversary Achievement

February 26, 2016: day 30 out of 60 day challenge for a quantum leap-update :-)

Hello February,

today I have arrived at the middle of my challenge for a quantum leap on my personal and professional life! 30 days have passed and an update is needed. Where are you April? I may ask myself. How does it go so far?


Well, it has been a challenging but rewarding period. Being in London means for me doing things faster than in Paris, but I mark a pause-cafe from time to time. Because, as the Chinese have said:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”

Taking my time, to look around into people’s faces and emotions might be a luxury, but it seems to me the only way to be an artist

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

January 28, 2016: Challenge, day 1

Hello 2016 January,

today is practically my first day of the quantum leap challenge. In order to honour this anniversary I went for a walk in Covent Garden and bought myself a hydrating facial cream. My skin felt like it and I wanted to benefit from the sun beams.

And I teased everybody I met.

I also got challenged when I run into an artist from Paris who used to hate my guts, and wanted to monopolize a curator. I was invited to join them for lunch by another person and saw that his face turned green.

Helas, as we say in French, Paris is not that far from London and some of the intrigues I was facing there are exported to London.

I will probably let it be, and do whatever pleases me.

And for now, it is to have chocolate cake.



December 3, 2015: Update of my adventures- Back to the Future

Dear December, dear blog-friends,

I started this blog as a form of journal and testimony of the change I desired to see in myself and my life, a year and a half ago.

There were a lot of things which made me grateful: living in Paris, to begin with. For a girl who grew up in a small town of the  the South of France, this is so exciting! This city is an experience by itself, even in its worst moments. But there were some issues:

after having been laid off by the wannabe boss and having spent some time floating on the roof tops of Paris,

with my writing

my artistic projects and dreams

my old and new loves,


Since October 2015, I let you know how, as a former French small town girl, and a Parisian, I adapt to life in London

For a year. With a new artistic project.

What is going to change in my life?

I am ready to live the adventure!


November 30, 2015: Sous le ciel de Paris

Dear November,

do you mind if I dedicate this song to Paris, my dear city, the people of the city, the cafés and the concert place which suffered the recent attack? 

I knew you wouldn’t. Right now I am not in my favorite cafés, observing passers-by and talking to friends and neighbors, but my heart is with them.

So, a song, “sous le ciel de Paris”, under Parisian sky, where love, lovers of life meet in a recent interpretation:

October 23, 2015- Flatmate found!

Dear October

just thank you for puting a word for me! Yes, Yes, Yes I found a flatmate!What do I know about this person? Almost nothing.

My future flatmate is a French woman working for a private company. When she visited, she seemed practical and efficient. Capable to share the rent and eager to move in right away.

Is this the first time I live with almost total strangers? No. The very first time was when I went camping, and I was 8 year’s old.

The very next, when I moved from my small town to Paris, to study. I stayed at a student’s residence and I was sharing a room. It was the only thing I could get and afford before the term begun. It worked out ok.

I later moved to my own room, but there was still the shower and kitchen to share with other four people.

We ended up as friends, or something different: the kind of relationship you have with school mates. Or for men who go to the army with their fellow soldiers. I guess :-).

In any case, finding a flatmate is a huge relief and I look forward to my new life in London, which starts to become quiet organized.

The last thing I wait for to start working seriously on my art project is a generous funding 😉

Tips for finding the perfect flatmate

October 18, 2015- Oxford Street and cultural differences

Now tell me please October,

have you ever been shopping in Oxford Street? What do you mean you don’t need to? But you know what it looks like. I was really impressed with all these people getting in and out of stores, shopping, …

Absolutely HUGE!

No, I didn’t go shopping, I already feel guilty of spending my economies on moving in and out, following my dreams, etc; so a “re-look-age” as we say in France, was not in the picture.

But I wanted to take a look of the fashion in London. So I went in, out and about. I asked about prices. Let’s say that it was a market study.

How different does it feel compared to Paris?

Well, in terms of clothes, there are the brands you find everywhere, and then of course, even there, some details that make a difference.

Did you know there are so many French in London!

Everytime I go somewhere, I hear people talking French. I also went to Kensington, another area full of Frenchies.

So that I don’t feel “depaysée“, homesick, so to speak.

But I am amazed how close we are with Londoners, and how different.

Everything here comes in bigger quantities. If you ask for a “gâteau au chocolat” in Paris downtown, you get something as big as your small finger. You want a bottle of water, the big one, is 1,5 liters.

Now chocolate cake at Nero’s in London, is huge. And a café latte or a cappuccino are at least twice as big. Bottled water at M&S comes at least as a 2 liter bottle.

I start worrying that I will become two Aprils if I eat in this rhythm…

When I went to a pub, the garçon didn’t come to take the order, I had to go to the counter.

All these cultural differences take some energy but so much the better;

Why bother to travel if we find the same little world we have left behind?

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