After having been insulted by a wannabe boss, I decided to change myself in order to get a real job and true love.

April to June.

In PARIS where I actually live the last years

P.S. I am a 40-year-old woman, organising artistic events as a free-lance, and also love writing

P.S. 2 Since I got laid off and floated at the rooftops of Paris, I get a fresh new start in LONDON for a year, starting October 2015 πŸ™‚ I will let you know how it goes.

P.S.3 My first novel has been launched in the South of France end of March 2016. A big step forward, and a dream that comes true!

PS.4 Another backlash in 2018 – in my job and personal life- leaving a temporary job I didn’t like and I wasn’t great for, a mega project, an almost-fiancΓ©. Where does 2019 take me? Blogging is a way to find out πŸ˜‰

172 thoughts on “About

  1. I think that you have a really original way of writing. It looks like the letter to month, and I should say that I like it very much. It is like a diary but not as much personal. I am happy that I found you.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, you are right, the blog is a kind of dialogue between me and the different months: April, May and … June. It is a kind of diary, where I get inspiration from something that occurs in my day to reflect on life in general.

  2. Thanks for liking my post “Keep On Dancing.” I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s nice to find people with whom I can relate.

  3. Thanks for reading and responding to Liquor store boxes. I’ve worked on a historic novel off and on re the diaspora of French Huguenots when Louis XIV released his reign of terror against that group after revoking the Edict of Nantes. Elias Horry, 21 and from Charenton, managed to escape to London, and from there to Charlestown in the Carolinas of America. Initially indentured to pay back the money he owed for passage, Horry thrived, and accumulated land and status. Peter Horry, his descendant, fought under Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox) during the American Revolution, and Horry County in South Carolina is named after him.

    I sometime want to travel to France, visit Charenton, Paris and Louis’s Versailles.


    • You’re welcome! What a great story! Have you got inspiration from the real life of this man or there are parts you construct in a way that fits the plot? In any case, it sounds fascinating, I hope we wil have a chance to read it. Travelling to Paris is quiet easy, I wish you to post a photo from Versailles soon! Cheers, April

      • Particulars about Elias Horry are sketchy as to his mother and father in France. His father is said to have been martyred, and there is no record of his mother’s death. Given they lived in Charenton, where one of the largest Huguenot temples was located (4 to 8,000 attended), it is reasonable to assume Louis’s draggonades probably dispatched the father, and the mother was locked away in a Catholic monastery — as were many Huguenot women who refused to recant their faith.

        I have a lot of freedom to construct at least the escape of Elias, and his voyage to America, etc.

        More information exists re Peter Horry in letters and other histories of the day.

        I’ve had to do a lot of online research about the area. Elias escapes by boat on the Seine to the coast, and then sails to Amsterdam, then London.

        Are you a native of France? Would you be willing to look at a chapter or two that occur in France?

      • It looks like a very interesting read! I am honoured with your request but I am afraid I wouldn’t be of much help! My notions in history don’t go further than what we have learned at school and you need better than this!

  4. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog Ask Sheree, “Behind every good kid is a great mom”.
    I too love Paris! I’ve been there about a half dozen times and look forward to going back.
    Have a glass of wine, some cheese and a baguette for me!

    • You’re welcome! I feel like a good kid and I think it is in big part thanks to my mom! Apart from that, it is the first time I get to know a “lifestyle transition strategist and treasure cultivator”. It sounds great and very useful! I wish you many more visits to Paris, and will go for a glass of wine on the spot!

  5. Thank you for liking my post πŸ™‚ I was wondering how you are able to post to different pages. I am only able to have one page that I post to. At first, I tried creating multiple pages to post to, but it only allowed me to post on one.

    • You’re welcome! I am not sure I understand what you mean about different pages. I have played a little bit with the platform wordpress is offering us, but I am far from expert on it… πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best with your blog!

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  7. Enjoyed breezing through your older posts (interested to see how your blog evolved) a nice way to undertake a personal project and turn lemons to lemonade!

  8. I’ve enjoyed your posts and the way you live life is so inspirational – with wisdom & peace – and in a beautiful city! Thank you for visiting my blog & I’m happy you enjoyed my posts.

  9. Beautiful writing – I’ve read a few posts so far, and they are very inspiring πŸ™‚ It must be great living in Paris. I’d love to visit France someday, my grandfather and his family were from the country!

    • Thank you so much Lindsey! I love Paris, but I guess every place is wonderful with people and things we love πŸ™‚ France is easy to visit, I am sure you will get many chances to visit in the near future!

  10. Bonjour!

    Je m’appelle Genica. Merci d’maire mon post “Going Silver”. Is that right? hahaha… I studied french in college and hopefully what I remember is still right.

    I am amazed at your story. It is rare to find women in their 40’s still taking the risk to follow their heart, the ones I know anyway.

    I’m definitely going to read your blog from the start and follow your journey.

    May we both find the courage to always follow our heart. ^_^

  11. Changing oneself is usually very good advice. We become stale as old cookies. We become set in our ways and can’t free ourselves of the same old shop-worn thoughts and opinions. I enjoy this blog and its freshness.

  12. Thinking of you. When I was in Paris, the first day I found a restaurant late at night on a small cobblestone street. I entered and there before me on all the walls were pictures of American actors from thirties movies,an era which I grew up loving. So immediately I felt at home, and when I read your posts I have that feeling again.

    • Thank you, your comment makes my day! Creating a welcoming and hospitable blog is my objective! A place where a visitor has a sense of familiartity, but also finds something different in order to enjoy oneself!

  13. I’ve just been reading some of your posts. Your reflective style of writing is captivating! Thanks so much for leaving a like on one of my posts this week. There’s a lot of food for thought here on your blogsite. Off to look around a little more…

    • Thank you also for your blog, and your posts written from an open heart! The blog-sphere is particular, and meeting people here is not like meeting them in the parc, but to me it could be like messages in a bottle; that are opened and read very fast!

      • Thank you very much, dear. May God continue to grant you the good health, strength and wisdom to forge on with your wonderful work so that through you many people will experience more joy in living and the world will become a better place. Your encouragement is highly appreciated. Now you know what I am up to if there is anything you can do such as share, reblog, recommend any of my posts, know that I shall value it and live to be thankful for it. May God never top pouring his blessings on you!

  14. Hello, April,
    Thank you for liking “Words” and following me on healingforhearts.
    Your blog is great fun. My comment on your post about any men who think the woman should chase after him, even if it means a flight to another country…? In his dreams!
    I’ll come back to read more: Very fun and enjoyable.

    • Dear Hannah
      thank you for your feedback! I also found your blog very interesting, I love the ambiance that you have created and will be back to read more.
      As for this guy yes, being chased around would have been his dream πŸ˜‰ It could be useful for a script!

    • You’re very welcome Sandee! Preparing for a wedding is something that makes everybody happy I think, and sharing it with the blog-sphere is very generous of you; All the best!

  15. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow. You have a great feel-good blog. Wish you all success in your endeavors. πŸ™‚

  16. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, I too like the way you write about Paris, among other things. I have published some short stories happening in Paris. I’ll definitly come back to read more. A bientΓ΄t.

  17. Hey, haven’t taken the moment to review your writings still, thank you for liking what I’ve produced via; ICHAS8440. By the way, definitely will be checking out what you’ve created, just do it when I can actually absorb your vibe.

    The 22nd G

  18. I’m also active in the freelancing community. I write and frequently get invitations to interview for administrative work, which I politely decline. I’m looking towards changing my skillset and moving into fields that are more technical. I’ve only been doing this since the end of July and got my first job at the beginning of August. How long have you been freelancing?

    Dominic Jones

  19. Great job on your About page. I’m surprised how one can use few words and at the same time capture my attention. This looks like a great blog. I’ll follow … which is something I cannot do very often due to my over-busy life. Peace. Oh, by the way: thank you for taking time to visit the Other Side of the Trees.

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