September 28th, 2021- Create and let your creation be!

Hello September,

isn’t it difficult to let something go, once we have created it? Parents should feel that with their children, who might end up being very different people, but the same goes with other creations. Once it’s out there, others may interpret it in ways we couldn’t imagine initially. Apparently, it happens also with technology. Text messages were a byproduct and they ended up becoming a main communication tool …

All this to say, yes, I understand it is difficult, especially when you have struggled and worked consistently in one direction, to let this creation go and remain empty-handed. It makes us vulnerable, somehow. But we are not empty-handed!

Is this something people who have been plagiarised think?

Hmm, ok, it might be worth defending a creation, but the creative power is still with the person who has created.

And all she or he have become in the process.

Something to keep in mind when we become too possessive with our work

European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) - Employment, Social  Affairs & Inclusion - European Commission

4 thoughts on “September 28th, 2021- Create and let your creation be!

  1. Personally, once a work is done, it is done – and over – to me. Happened hundreds of times with the projects I ran and delivered. Or a story I wrote, or a sketch and a painting. Once it’s finished, it doesn’t belong to you anymore.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if everything has been done before ~ and at best we are a less perfect of this mimicry. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope this year has been good to you, autumn is always a special time to shine – to finish up a year with strength.

    • Hello, yes, it is possible we “recreate”, but we might add something or simplify according to who we are I guess as individuals and communities… Thank you, for stopping by, I am lucky to be back to London and to start in a place that looks compatible with who I am becoming… Also wish you all the best! Are you in Asia or Europe?

      • London is an amazing place, although I’ve only been one. I’ve been in the USA the past couple months but now back in Czech until mid-December. Nothing quite like autumn here. Wish you continued successes ๐Ÿ™‚

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