April 13 to 17, 2021: doing something new every day for 30 days, days 19 to 23

Hello April,

no, I am not cheating! At least not exactly! I have tried new flavours of coffee: from Costa Rica, to Guatemala, Brasil, Kenya and today Ethiopia. I have to admit Brazilian coffee was my favourite, followed by Kenya and Ethiopia.

Here you are! Anything else which could be new and exciting? Well, I have tried three recipes of morning smoothies and today I managed to wake up at 5am. Although this is not exactly my accomplishment. The cat has a stomach issue and she was supposed to be on a diet (the vet’s idea, not mine!). She didn’t exactly appreciate it and she was more effective than any other alarm!

Writing fiction is also progressing. My heroine and heroes are going to Bali, in Indonesia. In that way I can travel in my imagination since I am constrained in my movements.

Anything else? Hmm, yes, something new is definitely learning multiple regression analysis in Statistics. I had tried to avoid Statistics for years, but somehow some of my best friends are using stats. And somehow, I got to learn this method for my everyday job.

So this is new, and definitely, it will take a big part of my time this weekend!!!

By the way, a cup of coffee might help with this!!!


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