March 28, 2021-Doing something new every day for 30 days-day 4- a side hustle for creatives

Hello March,

looking for something new to do can be challenging: I try to see what would be possible, and what would be new. Not wanting to learn a new thing but also to do, to touch, to smell.

I will revisit “The Groundhog day” and check some of the ideas the hero had, while re-living the same day imprisoned in a time-loop.


Play an instrument? My ex left with me a guitar, should I learn how to play? Online?

I have promised my colleagues a dance video and I am still far from it- finding that my hair looks savage and other excuses of this kind.

Am I procrastinating for not doing my work?

Could be, since I have a presentation on Tuesday and I am not that advanced.

I might try to prepare a video of my presentation.

Continue decluttering home?

I have opened a few cupboards and closets to take a look.

I have researched internet and asked friends.

I have even asked the cat.

Finally, I consider that my new task was to check how to monetise some skills and here is what I found that creatives can earn money through a side-hustle right away 🙂