March 27, 2021- Doing something new for 30 days, day 3

Hello March,

yes, I am looking for something new today, while I start working on a presentation I have on Tuesday. And yes, I still learn the rules to play the “Isle of cats”, my new board game.

So, what new? Learn something I have never heard of?

After reading lists, soul-searching and wondering if I should learn something new, or declutter and put some order in my closet, … I end up deciding to check and declutter old magazines, and to cut out inspiring pictures.

This combines a physical aspect and decluttering because I can throw away the rest.

A few hours later:

It feels somehow exhausting, but at least I got something out of these fashion magazines I opened once and then I wasn’t sure what to make of them… wait for the day I will appear as a civilised female, ready to go to work -not at home-?

Apparently loose trousers are fashionable, but while working from home I prefer stretch and comfy.

In any case, I just HOPE that my effort to declutter the pile of magazines today will make me feel better sometime in the near future!

Right now I am moderetaly satisfied with this idea …

ELLE est chez vous ! 

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