March 26, 2021- Doing something new every day challenge, day 2- Board Game

Hello March,

Yesterday I decided to try something new every day, for 30 days. And for day 1, I saw a friend in need and decided to help out: I bought a board game he was selling, named ‘ The Isle of cats’.

It seemed like a great idea because I now live with my parents, there is lockdown, and what better than a board game in these conditions? Collaborative, engaging different parts of the brain than watching Netflix etc…



To begin with, I didn’t check the price when I was texting this friend. I was ready to spend Max 30 euros, and it ended up costing 55.

The second problem, when I opened the box I realised it is more difficult than I thought it would be. The Isle of Cats? you will say. For children older than 8? What is your intelligence level April? Minus 8?

Look, all the instructions are in English, and my folks don’t speak English. Then, this is designed in a way that is alien for 70 plus year olds who are culturally wired in a different way.

Something that a British 8 year old might do and enjoy easily, is not what a 70 plus year old from the South of France will enjoy.

So, I started thinking my decision to buy something I have not seen after texting a friend on Facebook was not the best way to act.

I was afraid to be stuck with a bunch of cats in the “Isle of Cats” by myself.

At least, I hope I have helped this friend.

Should I offer it to my god-son who is an 8 year old?

Maybe we could play it together.

So, this takes me to the second day.

I will try something new which will be cost-less.

I went to the garden and picked some wild flowers; I also asked people who were doing some work on the street what they were up to.

At the same time, while looking for a new thing to do I started stressing because I am procrastinating with my work.

How to deal with this?

Blocks of two hours and a break with a treat- can be a treat in the form of a cup of tea.

Actually, my colleagues in London just came up with a great idea!

I will create a dance video and share it!