March 11, 2021-Three week Good Time Journal- Day 1

Hello March,

lockdown is a kind of challenge, especially when it brings you back to your parents’ home and makes you face your childhood challenges; adding some parents’ health issues.

At the same time, I realise this is an amazing time for introspection and for learning new skills that will prepare the after time;

Trying new things during lockdown is demanding for the imagination; starting a three week Good Time Journal will be something to follow what makes me energised and engaged; I have started with a list of empowering books and films, and I am advancing with it. I have discovered the Danish series “Borgen”, that I found very interesting, with strong female characters

And the next thing I would like to do is try a Good Time Journal, writing about things that make me energised and engaged, things I love, instead of just writing down a to Do list.

Let’s see how it goes!