March 2-5, 2021: A list of inspiring books to read before going to sleep

Hello March,

well yes, I decided to read instead of watching Netflix or Amazon prime, or Arte, the French-German chanel, before going to sleep. I have tried some French romantic authors, such as Victor Hugo and Theophile Gautier, also some wonderful Jane Austin novels, an all time favourite.

But if I am to look for something else, what would you suggest?

Yes, only feel good, I am sorry, nothing else will do.

It’s ok to have troubles in the middle, they just need to figure their .. before the end.

Jane Austin is an all time favourite with me… but if we look closer in time?

I tried to check with the equivalent of Netflix “Bridgerton”, but the wishes of a heroine who aspires to fit in without any of Elisabeth Benet’s rebellious spirit so many years ago, is not as inspiring.

Maybe I should check on the book, but would there be anything more inspiring?

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice