January 9, 2021- Post-a-day no 5: How to be in advance- wisdom

Hello January,

is it possible to be in advance? To prepare effectively before something happens. Isn’t this why some people like horoscopes and others calculate risks, or elaborate strategies?

On the other hand, things happen, that imagination might not predict. For a lot of people, a lockdown was not imaginable a year ago. Yet, it happened, with all the changes in our lives.

In moment like this, what do you say?

I was ready to buy the Economist forecast for 2021 and I almost stopped.

I think more than anything, we need to be a step further from information and knowledge, or data. This is good to begin with. But WISDOM can be a step further.

Hmm, it’s not just experience, knowledge, kindness, intuition, connectedness, and more all together.

Do you become wise, or is it a state happening at a certain moment in time?

In any case, recognising people who speak from this state, would be already a big step forward.

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