January 5, 2021- Committing to daily journaling, Day 1 of 66

Hello January,

yes, I commit to writing every day for the next 66 days to install this habit in the New Year!

Why? Because I have found it to be transformational in the past and it helps me being aware of what is going on in me and around me.

Getting up a bit earlier and getting off apps and online games, regulating Netflix could also help.

I decided not to make a difference this year and to show appreciation for myself, doing something nice for me every day, in all the possible ways:


Rest and Sleep



Training the mind- imagination and memory, Art

Relationships- helping others- Community

Pumpering myself -Beauty and Security

So, to begin with, I start with nutrition, cutting down on sugar (cakes and other desert) by not buying any more and sticking to one cookie and a couple of chocolates.

Wouldn’t it be more radical to just stop?

Hmm, I am more of a believer of a step by step installation of a new habit

Let’s see how it goes!