October 18, 2020- Making time for what is important, day 1

Hello October,

yes, I am the person who promised to wake up at 6.30, who said I would go to sleep at 23.00 and yet, I am also the one who watched the “Queen of the South” on Netflix until 3 in the morning. I am also the person who wanted to do a sugar-less weekend. And who had cake instead. The one who wanted to journal everyday. I am keeping this promise, but I am also using traditional pen and paper.

What about my job? My love-life? My book?

Everything is advancing. I keep pretty busy, and I will stick to my objectives, even if I have to start again and again. I have also succeeded in many things, and one of them is to keep in good mood.

So this is great!

Yes, more energy and focus could be great also. Do you think it’s the sugar? I might try desert on Sunday and focus for a sugar-free week instead. Just to promise myself something special for the weekend.

And now, let’s get back to writing for the chapter I have promised to finish,

Good day to you too, October

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