July 14, 2020- Day 6 out of 66 for new habit

Hello July,

big celebration in France since we celebrate the French Revolution which brought the end of monarchy and the beginning of Constitutional Democracies!

The idea of Equality, Freedom, Fraternity are born there!

How do we implement them today? How do we respect them?

We can or not, like Revolutions, but a personal Revolution is what we need to shake things up!

Have I shaken things up today?

To be honest, I have worked from home, marking something my students did.

But I feel there is more space to it.

I feel I need a holiday, but with the pandemic and everything, it is difficult to decide what to do, and where to go far from our village.

Get up and dance could be the thing to do!

Zoom with friends who also dance and celebrate!

3 thoughts on “July 14, 2020- Day 6 out of 66 for new habit

  1. In many parts of France is not really celebrated with ho ho ho! there was the reign of terror and the colonnes infernales as well as the wars of the west including the royal and catholic army of Brittany well into 1815. Anyway, then came more kings and so emperors more like dictators before finally the V République took hold with De Gaulle in 1958! As in many other revolutions….

    • Yes, indeed, Revolutions have this violent aspect and there is a form of extremism and destruction of valuable people, traditions, art, until a new balance is found. A terrible aspect…
      On the other hand, change is vital for life. Let’s hope that we will learn from the past and find peaceful ways to make our transitions…

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