May 17, 2020- How not to take responsibility for everything: share it!

Hello May,

I read a lot of things regarding taking responsibility for what happens to us. This is of course important, since we are the ones who interpret every situation, who feel or not satisfied with an outcome, who feel the pain or the joy…

But should we feel responsible for “everything”? Let’s say people around make different demands: from our family, to our colleagues or acquaintances. It is just a small step to feel overwhelmed and close to a burn out.

In that case, we might just sit back and think: is this really me, or only my responsibility?

Ok, I might have underperformed in this part of my job, did I get any training? Did I have the necessary information?

Or people ask me to give my time, my resources, X, Y and Z.

How about sitting back for a second and say:

Wait a minute, if you want me to thrive, could you give me support in this and that?

Or if it’s a family member: are you sure you can’t do that? Or maybe if it’s easier for me, I’ll do it and then you take up something I struggle with.

Or if it’s resources, why don’t we share the burden?

Not in an aggressive way, but saying, wait a minute, this is putting a pressure on me, and probably there is another way to do it that will benefit everyone.

If you, X, Y or Z don’t respect my limits, then I might have to take action to have them respected. Using any advantage I have: law, support of other people, meditate, smile, or… walk away!

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