April 16, 2020- Having a plan when we work from home with other people

Hello April,

this morning, after playing with the cat, I bought presents online, for my godson whose birthday is close, and I also send him a nice cake. The thing is, I spent all morning in this successful endeavour, and then I realised I couldn’t concentrate on work.

Instead of that, I played an online game.

Yes, I did.

How responsible of me, since I am “working from home” and my workload isn’t getting lighter?

This is why I stressed.

I had a reason.

This reminds me of my school years, when I had some issues concentrating which affected my productivity.

But I grew up.

I faced these challenges and conquered them.

That is why I am an adult.

Then how do I make a significant change?

Again, I want to be more active in the house.

Make a plan and stick to it, can help.

For example, I am torn between everyday work, work for something I write and household related stuff.

And in all this, something must be fun also.

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3 thoughts on “April 16, 2020- Having a plan when we work from home with other people

  1. Sounds like you are doing good, April.
    Discipline and sticking to a plan can be a challenge…lol.
    I was lucky with some more time for getting my long list done during the past 5 weeks. Between going to the office and a little home office, I was able to work a lot for my own business and prepare the reorganization of my therapy practice, next to many other things on my list. I needed to make a plan in order to get through it as effectively as possible for getting done as much as possible by the time everything gets back to normal. So, no, there is no distraction but all I did was done a lot more peaceful. A good feeling!

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