January 9, 2020: Back to London!

Hello January,

I am full of resolutions and I got up early today, decided to be my best self possible;

By midday, I have advanced at the things I was to finish during holidays, but I feel a bit stressed up with practical issues I have started but didn’t finish due to all this cake.

How will I chase away any fog and feel and act with confidence?

Well, I decided to eat better to begin with. Try and see if super greens are as super as they are reputed for.

Now, when it comes to people harassing us for former mistakes or failing to live up to their expectations what to do?

Just do something and see if it works.

One step a day.

Baby steps

baby steps 1

Baby steps for future millionaires (part 1)

20 thoughts on “January 9, 2020: Back to London!

  1. Dear Friend,
    What if success in the arts required a good diet? To write a sonnet, avoid lasagne. Cake will never do if your goal is a novel.

    I like your writing so much. It’s so inviting. I hope you’re well.

    • Dear David thank you so much, I want to do something with it; teaching takes a lot of time, and I want to find a way to channel my creativity. And to communicate with my fellow-humans 🙂

      • April dear, it’s a lovely ambition to want to communicate the product of your wonderful creativity with many people. You do that here in your blog, but I hear from you that you want to do something else in addition. Let me know what you come up with. I’m very interested.

        As for me, I have had a problem with an injury to my back that’s been going on for some months. For awhile it cut down my productivity, which is stil not 100% but getting better as my back improves.

        I realize I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for years now, starting when you were in Paris. I’ve always enjoyed it and always look forward to it.

        Best wishes to you,

  2. Dear David sorry to hear that you had an injury and to take my time to answer! I hope that your back has improved and you don’t even feel it any more. A big hug from London and I have been re-reading your book “Fighting to Win” for inspiration since I face a bully-colleague

  3. My back is improving fast. I went through six months of many doctors hospitals and procedures but all is well now. It’s a shame that you have to deal with a bully at work. That shouldn’t be, I’d tell someone, I think of the Bible telling us that if something offends us we should “cast it away.” Please stay well and take care of yourself, friend. Best, David

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