August 19, 2019- Back to my hometown and to “Capitaine Fracasse”

Hello August,

I am back to the hometown café, with my head full of the beatiful landscapes of the French Riviera, and longing for the seaside. But I need to leave my novel and go back to a working mood, which is not all phantasizing and imagining oneself in these imaginary situations of the Capitaine Fracasse’s adventures. What is better than to revisit the classics of the French Litterature in this book by Théophile Gautier before the summer ends?


4 thoughts on “August 19, 2019- Back to my hometown and to “Capitaine Fracasse”

  1. I must say I found a profound person today and that is you. I used to be Anglophone from Nigeria but now Im also Francophone cos I lived in Genève (journaliste a l’ONU 8ans 1999-2007).

    The issue I compliment you for is that Capitaine Fracasse is one of the few novels I read in French in 2009.

    Permit me to say you are a darling for bringing back the memories of Frenxh classics and Tbeophile Gautier himself. Wow! Excellent!

    Was Gautier a contemporary of Baudelaire. If you like Baudelaire too pls say something about him he’s my idol too like Gautier and Prosper Merimée for COLOMBA.

    Thanks. Muuah!

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