December 19, 2018- Loving oneself ritual day 3

Hello December,

after moving out of my old home in London and getting to my hometown for a holiday and to put my ideas straight, I got myself a bad cold.

So, a loving oneself ritual has been mainly to drink a lot of juice and liquids, sleeping and relaxing at my parent’s home in the South of France.

In that way, I have time to think what next. Should I continue the same course of action? Did I meet with roadblocks that could have been avoided? Was I overconfident the last two years? Did I take too many risks?


What to stop doing, what should I keep doing and what to start doing?

I stop facing certain reality facts which could be dangerous to ignore.

I should continue having long-term goals and working in their direction.

I can start having more fun and confidence and including more of my passions in everyday life. Spending more time with my friends.

Is there a particular way to pass into a growth mindset when things don’t go exactly as planned?

I can make a 10-year plan.

And then a 5-year plan

And then a 2019 year plan

And then a month and end of December plan

And then, a Christmas day plan.

3 thoughts on “December 19, 2018- Loving oneself ritual day 3

  1. Dear friend, I don’t know–have no specific insights–into what you should do now, but I think what matters most is to whatever you decide and wherever you go in life, and whatever is in store for you, to be calm and confident, trusting the goodness of the universe to be kind to you and to work in your favor, giving, giving freely of your talents without ever asking anything in return–just giving and loving.

    Hugs to you,
    Bets wishes, David

    • Merci beaucoup cher Brian, pour l’instant je suis entre voir des amis et des membres de ma famille et répondre à des offres d’emploi… je devrais faire quelque chose de plus créatif aussi…

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