October 29, 2018- Bounce Back Big, day 28 – meetings as opportunities

Hello October,

today I have a meeting I can’t figure out, in the gallery which turned down my collaboration for a project. They have a job opening there, and the guy in charge accepted to see me in person.

I am wondering: could there be an opportunity? It looks too good to be true. On the other side, any meeting is an opportunity. Because there is something to learn and to understand.

It’s better to see it that way and to continue my path.

To believe in myself.

To present myself in my best colours.

How is this possible if you don’t feel having the means to dress up?

By being clean, wearing something simple that is good for you body type and wear a smile 🙂

Actually, after my meeting, I was told my profile is great but they are looking for something closer to their vision, and what I propose is too extravagant at the moment…

What next?

I suggested to him to participate in one of my projects. Not sure he will, but let’s see.

I am kind of running out of time here.


So let’s be very inventive, let’s keep my eyes open.




3 thoughts on “October 29, 2018- Bounce Back Big, day 28 – meetings as opportunities

  1. Hi “April” I’ve been thinking about your posts. It seems to me you need to find some kind of income to help you float along… You speak at least three languages. Have you tried translation agencies? (I used them a lot when I had my research agency) They’re always on the look-out for people who can translate documents, reports, presentations. And the advantage is that there are no fixed hours. Just translate it for “yesterday”! Might be worth a shot. 🙂

      • 🙂 (I am concerned) Great news about the interview. And have a try at consulting and translations. The latter may be easier to find a steady source of income. Not everyone speaks the languages you speak. You might even try the Embassy. They may refer jobs to you?

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