March 21, 2018-Spring Equinox, time for re-generation, RIGHT NOW

Hello March,


I had tequila last night to celebrate the spring equinox, but even if it was just a glass, my head is not very clear this morning. Anyway, it was worth it because it triggered some dancing šŸ™‚

Now, coffee, this other drug and fuel for life.

The neighbours are still having last summers plastic flamingoes on the balcony.

So, let’s do the job, as my friend Samurai Robert suggested.

And let’s go to the gym also.

So, shouldn’t I wait for another second?


NOW right now is the moment.

I am writing this email, I am concentrating and focusing on my purpose.

It is a sunny day, and the first day of spring.

Haven’t we hibernated long enough, those of us who are in the north hemisphere?

For those in the south, a beautiful autumn is around the corner, and it is also such a beautiful season!

4 thoughts on “March 21, 2018-Spring Equinox, time for re-generation, RIGHT NOW

  1. I see the words “focusing on my purpose,” and know you have been reading my book Fighting to Win. Makes me feel good. You are so far away. Autumn is on its way there, but here spring begins.
    Best wishes,

  2. Wonderfully energizing: dancing, a little sip of tequila, coffee in the morning, pink flamingos, a sunny day, first day of spring, going to the gym and not putting it off. I am blessed by you good words, your good heart, and your reminder to come out of hibernation. Oh, one last thing: over here is the states, some of us use an expression for dancing: “Let’s cut a rug!” Later.

  3. Tequila ~ I trust it must have been a great night šŸ™‚ The two go together well, and nothing like knowing a strong coffee is waiting in the morning. I too am looking forward to a great spring ahead ~ it shall be a great spring, a great year.

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