February 26, 2018- Snowing in London, one step before spring!

Hello February,

snowing, is this a joke, or a metaphor for our lives? I am wearing winter clothes one step before Spring comes!

Snow is beautiful, but I come from the South, and right away I start thinking, oh, la la, cold, how am I going around as usual, …

On the other side, I know Spring is nearby, so I am like: ok, how long is this going to last?

Let’s be patient!

That’s not the easiest thing, especially when you don’t see the other end of the tunnel, whatever you are up to, no?

For me, if felt as if I were focused, so much focused, and then I forgot relaxing, seing my friends, having other type of fun… as is things that I overlooked because of my focus, started being out of balance…

Then what?

Just relax and smile.

It’s time for an active pause, meaning, taking care of me, having a bath with Magnesium flakes, eating well and sleeping, while taking care of the everyday staff without exagerating.

Yes, I am not perfect, I am just AWESOME, and so we are all, no matter what 😉


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