February 10, 2018- Starting the week with energy and focus

Hello February,

to begin with, I need to go to the supermarket and get some vegetables and fruits. As healthy food as possible!

Decide if I will go to my work’s gym or close to home and just get enrolled!

What else?


Eh, decide about my future self?

I could be less associal, and let some people in to my life. Focusing on work is nice, but still, it’s a bit lonely.

I have a sense of direction, goals to achieve, but why do I stress up in the middle and doubt myself? Why even think about myself in the middle of action?

Three skills I need to develop. What about not being stressed in the middle of a challenge? I might have more in the future if i take up responsibilities.

Concentrating easily to finish my writing? Use deadlines?

Anticipate positive social interactions?

4 thoughts on “February 10, 2018- Starting the week with energy and focus

  1. Taking chances can lead you to the edge of what you think is possible. But hanging in and not giving up pays off! Then you look back and see the mountain you climbed. I wish you that you reach all the goals you set your mind to!!

  2. Well here you are friend, your mind in a kind of lilt of indecision–should I stay where I am or cross the street or go to my right or to the left? Maybe turn back and go back to bed, But yet you’re relaxed and don’t seem anxious or in pain. So you’ll just float about for a while and play life by ear for a while till something strikes your fancy—nothing wrong with that. It’s a perfectly fine mood to be in, isn’t it?. See ya soon. Best

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