January 26, 2018- I have a great project, how do I keep my energy high?

Hello January,

I am in front of a busy 30 days, and I feel a bit tired. How do I find a way to energize myself?

I mainly have been stressing with ideas of not being good enough, or not prepared enough, or knowing all the things I am supposed to know. And giving a seminar in an art school exposes you to this type of situation.

My organisation, is like me. There is a direction, but it stays unpredictable. How do I answer to people’s need for certainty, and at the same time find fun in what I do?

Instead of stressing up in my new tasks, I need to find a way to become energised by them.

Instead of worrying if I am good enough, I could take this as granted and focus on ways this could be a fun experience for all those who participate in it?