January 6, 2017- High Performer for 2018

Hello January,

so here I am, with my part-time job and loads of work, desiring to be a 2018 high performer and get all the success, love and prosperity in the world.

So, I took Brendon Burchard’s survey and I got a score of 4,33 out of 5. High Performers get a 4.76 out of 5, so there are things to improve.

How do you get this score?

You answer questions related to four dimensions:

a. clarity of your purpose

b. energy

c. necessity, how urgent it is

d. productivity

e. influence towards others

f. courage

So, how do I increase these scores?

My purpose is clear, but in order to know how to, I need to ask other people and to get informed.

In order to have more energy, exercise and good quality food

Necessity, there is a maximum necessity right now

Eh, productivity, I am slow because I need other people also.

Influence, I am good, I could get better.

Courage, I have a lot, although some times I feel scared.

As a whole, it seems that were I more integrated, I would be helped more. Although I have crazy dreams also thanks to not being that integrated.



4 thoughts on “January 6, 2017- High Performer for 2018

  1. Dear Friend, I always read your posts thinking, “I just wish she could grab hold of that evasive thing she is searching for.” Is it a person?. Is it an event, a state of mind, some kind of climax? Is it ever-changing? Would, a shower of cold water in the face wake you up?

    I have everything in your survey except any kind of urgency. I live a life in which I don’t have a single need unattended to. It is a good state of being, but yet not ideal. Reminds me of Picasso saying he wished he was as rich as he is but worked as hard as when he was poor.

    • Dear David, I thought about your question: it’s probably not wanting to do a job just to do it, not wanting to be romantically with a person who makes me feel oppresed, and not knowing yet to create what I feel, or sense… but I am getting there 🙂 Picasso probably got it right, because he did things instead of thinking or hesitating!

      • I realize that these are complex situations and that the way out of them may be equally complex. But I think you are telling me that you need more fulfilling work (probably much more demanding and difficult), and to be more selective in your partners (why not kind people?), and must find the ways and means of developing your fine writing talent so that what you want to communicate comes out of you freely, uninhibited, unrestrained exactly as you intend it to.. None of that is impossible,dear friend.

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