October 11, 2017-Moving forward and true friendship

Hello October,

what happens when there is a dissonance between how you see yourself and how your work environment sees you? Let’s say I think more highly of myself than my co-workers and bosses?

What if I delude myself? If I am in denial?

Probably feedback is necessary.

From someone else.

Someone who has no interest in the judgement, and the capacity to give a valuable opinion.

You don’t ask soemone who is an expert in accounting if this is the right way to build a house;

But even if no-one else than ourself thinks we have something,

Moving out from an environment that doesn’t support us to move forward, is essential.

For our health and for moving forward.

Maybe these people “like us”. Maybe they are our family. But if they put us down, either we change them, or we change setting.

Otherwise, we will start reflecting their views.

Choose to belong to those who are your real friends, is essential,

And more than anything,

Be your real friend!