September 16, 2017- Update so far and refocus day

Hello September Saturday,

the gallery people I was hoping to work with have not contacted me, so I was a bit anxious yesterday.

My deadline approaches.

I had an almost friend doubting my success to something that I really like to do.

But today is another day. And I will treat myself to the best advice possible, to refocus on my objective.

And to celebrate the good work I have been doing all this time.

So, morning coffee to a nice place, an inspiring read, and contact my best friends.

Well, I guess I treat myself to a nice coffee every morning.

Instead of a horrid novel I felt obliged to read, I read something inspiring.

And that’s what I will write also.

What can be inspiring?

To keep walking, no matter what.


September 12, 2017- Morning café mood

Hello September,

the busy or the empty café for the morning?

If I go to the empty and I fill sleepy, I might continue on the same mood.

If I go to the busy, there is not much work to be done because people are buzzing around.


I chose the busy.

And here I am, writing my post with numerous people passing by, in and out.

I have promised myself to focus and be alert to all the opportunities that will come my way.

Let’s be busy in a meaningful way.

Not agitating myself, but doing.