August 6, 2017- Strategy lessons for underdogs ;-)

Dear August,

there are people enjoying the beach, their holiday or far niente, and I am deep in thought on the best strategy for my career.

Could you advise me on this?

How do you act in order to make a place for you in a highly competitive and closed artistic world?

Any ideas for underdogs?

It could be from literature, every day life, business… art…

I am all ears.

So, bring it on!

P.S. Apparently the Game of Thrones has some interesting suggestions.

2 thoughts on “August 6, 2017- Strategy lessons for underdogs ;-)

  1. I’m afraid I’ll pass on that. I have a drawer full of rejection letters from New York Lit agents… 🙂 But, I do have one single suggestion: Do NOT think of yourself as an “underdog”. Never. And keep banging on doors. One will open. Eventually.

  2. Oh and thank you grazie merci for “far niente”. It just dawned on me what that word (farniente) used in French to mean having a good time, preferably in a sunny warm location means. 🙂 Do nothing. Brilliant. And I’d never seen it. 😉

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