July 15, 2017- Building up confidence

Hello July,

I woke up at 5.30 and reflected on the way to reach my goal. And this goal is, to get the bet job in my field, and to be the best person for it. To contribute to something beautiful and meaningful through my art.

What do I do with fears, rejections etc? Can I hide them under the carpet?

They might come back.

Fears that I am fooling myself.

Ok, even if this were true, I can act as if.

What if I don’t persuade anyone else?

I can start from persuading myself.

What could I bring that is  useful ?

I think I have a unique way to see things.

Can I bring people with me? It feels kind of lonely up here.

Well, this is secondary. But eventually, you need to try to see how it goes.

Don’t look for approval, but feedback is good.

How do I change my routine to keep up the energy and the confidence?

How about start with taking a confident posture? this is important.

apparently, when you put your hands on your belt you already feel more confident.

So exercise is good;

But it has to feel good so that we treat our body with respect




5 thoughts on “July 15, 2017- Building up confidence

  1. I like many of your qualities, especially, I think, that you are not self-satisfied. I remember reading the French philosopher Merleau-Ponty who said that he didn’t know how to talk to people who knew the answers. He didn’t know the answers and so all he could do was ask the questions just the way you always ask the questions. They’re good questions–very good questions. We out here are all asking those kinds of fundamental how-is-it-to-live questions if we’re not self-satisfied either.

  2. Dear David, this is precious encouragement, thank you for your feedback! Yes I think that questioning is important, and sometimes opening a dialogue invites potential answers 🙂

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