June 24, 2017- Saturday, opening up a window of opportunity

Hello June,

how can I open a window of opportunity this Saturday?

I feel kind of sleepy after a warm week in London. Yes, I have been waking up early in the morning and a lot of things have advanced. New collaborations started, I got to meet new intersting people and I felt more productive.

On the other side, I am sleepy now and I was taken aback by a person who has been flirting with me and by the end of the week he told me he has a girfriend who comes back to town.

I felt angry.

Did I like him?

I am not sure, it was nice to have the presence, the continuous texting etc.

My ego was bruised a little bit.

Apart from that I have not felt a connexion that goes beyond feeling flattered and now, annoyed.

So, how can I let this feeling evaporate and feel confident in love and in my career?

How can I open a window of opportunity this Saturday?

I am grateful for attracting people. It is great this person is not available now because I myself focus more on my work and I don’t know where I will be in the next months.

Is it geographical distance something defining.a relationship?

I hope not.

Is love determined by where we live?

No, I would say.

We can meet someone on a trip and have a strong connexion, and then try to be together.


So, I am available.

Because I am trustworthy.

And instead of hanging around with people I am vaguely interested in, I can get myself where there is someone I find fascinating and I can fall in love with.

So, a window of opportunity is to be present myself in the relationships that count.






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