April 1rst, 2017: 3 Year Blog-Anniversary!

Dear April,

it has been three years since I decided to start a blogging adventure, as a form of a diary, addressing myself to the different months. I was living in Paris at the time, and I had to face a into my face wannabee boss and my unfullfieled artistic and love drives. I meant to write every day.

Ever since, a lot of things have changed.

I am in London.

I have published my first novel (to be translated in English soon).

My heart is still attached to Paris, but I am happy to have started new adventures here.

I would like to thank so much all of the friends who have accompanied me and offered feedback all these years.

Your advice has been valuable!

More precisely I would like to thank some of my oldest friends, but also those I havent’t mentioned with their wise comments:

pursuit of happiness WordPress


la bibliotheque qui ne brule pas wordpress


Time is Fleeting, Never Stop



The treasure we are



Crucial Inner Skills for Writers and Artists 

These are some of my first and very good friends, but I am grateful for all of you who read and interact with this blog.

Please feel free to give me a feedback, in order to grow also!

THANK YOU so much






11 thoughts on “April 1rst, 2017: 3 Year Blog-Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on three years of blogging. I always look forward to your posts. keep the posts coming. Thank you for including a link to my blog. I am honored to be counted among your blogging friends.

  2. Dearest April! Happy Blogversary to you! I am happy and thankful that we met here on WP and even in person in London last year. I am also happy that we are still following each other. You are also under my first followers since my blog is a month younger than yours. Thank you so much for your kind gesture of mentioning us. Cheers to many more years to come!!

  3. It is so great to see and hear about your successes as you move forward. It is funny to see where we were when the journey to begin blogging began versus where we are now. A lot of growth and great friendships ~ not a bad deal 🙂 Wishing you the best and total happiness during the remaining weeks of summer. Take care ~

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