March 26, 2017- On spring arriving and on solving dilemmas

Hello March,

today it has been a beautiful day in London, everything we needed to breath after the last week… in any case, going out for a walk on parks and looking for terraces has been my priority.

I had been stressing up for the direction I should take in my life and career and somehow, again, I realized this is out of context.

The real question is: “what do I want?”

“what is my heart’s desire?”

The rest will follow.

And yet, what if I haven’t figured that out?

Isn’t it possible to have contradictory wishes?

Take Hamlet for example, it happens every day.

It is also called a Dilemma.

Then what?

Should I procrastinate until the problem resolves itself?

Or should I wait to fall desperately in love so that another variable will add to the equation?

Any ideas?

For the moment, the best thing was to hang around and write … for my next book!


8 thoughts on “March 26, 2017- On spring arriving and on solving dilemmas

  1. Now being an American man I’m trained to say, stop, take stock, get to the bottom of this. But faced with confusions and contradictions and simply not being able to get one’s bearings that seems ridiculous, Become mystical perhaps and think, “Something will happen and everything will become clear.”

  2. My advice is to focus on doing what you enjoy, stay true to your heart’s desire, and everything will fall into place. Don’t wait to fall in love with someone. That will happen in due time. Take care of you and you will attract the right one when the time is right.

  3. I read something recently that is contra-intuitive but it’s working for me so wanted to share it with you. “Don’t wait for inspiration … just do it!” Maybe writing is what will bring you the answer.

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