January 14, 2017- 450 posts in this blog!

Hey January,

500 posts in this blog, it could have been a book with 200 pages I guess, so Congratulations are in order!

I will celebrate this the way I can, let’s for example get a nice coffee and see how blogging can bring my future self into the game.

Here you are April, two years and a half ago, you started this blog.

You were cool, and now you are cooler.

But this blog is not only to serve as a mirror, it is doesn’t only serve to count your accomplishments, difficult moments, goals, or anything else.

I know you say that to yourself January.

So, you feel overwhelmed? It is because you think with the old self limitations.

If there is something you need to do, you will find a way doing it.

If there is a will, there is a way!

January 14, 2017- Past, Present and Future selfs

Hello January,

When I visit my hometown, I am usually torn between my past, present and future self.

The past self, is what people used to know me for. It is a powerful self, because they have not followed through the changes I went through. There are things I might have not liked of this self, at the time. It could be that I have been shy.

And then, if I stay too long in one place, I feel that I betray my future self. Especially when I grow out of the image others see me for there. So I need to go to this new place where I can reinvent myself.

The old self could be great, but I might have disagreed with the public persona, others shared for me. For example, if I have been this shy kid, I might want to go places where I will be known for my adventurous spirit and exploits.

And if this is the case, I might again need to move on and also be known as someone who is bonding and member of a community.

Is there a best place? Is there Homme?

Homme can be everywhere, if it allows us to have been, to be and to continue becoming, exploring, loving, developing, independently of age.

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