November 9, 2016: Mind Power

Hello November,

here you are again and I need your energy. I realize my self-confidence needs boosting for the kind of things I want to accomplish.

I know I am good at my work, and I am talented. But when I need to perform and put myself out there I am not my best ally.

So, can you become my coach?

How do I develop a ‘moral d’acier, good enough to take me where I need to go and even further?

Yes, I am listening!


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8 thoughts on “November 9, 2016: Mind Power

  1. Fear and shame are our greatest roadblocks in life. The best way to accomplish what you have in mind is to shake off the fear and any potential shame. Hearing no, or hearing that someone does not like something that your are doing or experiencing failure, are not the end of the world. The sky will not fall. Breath. Take a breath, gather yourself and forage ahead. But always breathe yourself into clarity and achievement no matter how small will be yours.

  2. To perform out there? Two things. 1) Look at your public. Directly in the eye. Make every attendant feel you’re only talking to him/her
    2) Breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe between every sentence. (And keep looking at your public while you breathe). breathing will soothe you and give you energy.
    (Trust me, I’ve talked to audiences of 300 people) 🙂

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