October 19, 2016: Monday Motivation

Hello, October,

how do I face challenges and stay on top of things? Looking and feeling relaxed, good-humoured and smiling? Do you have any tips?

What if someone is into my face, for example, criticising my work? Or someone else is judging my lifestyle as not being enough of something or too much of something else?

Do I know what the … am I doing? I always doubt a little bit. Is this good enough?

Actually, sometimes it can get better.

But this is not a reason for not loving what there is. Right here, right now.

And having some doubts is also willing to grow.

But I know I am a Champion. And it is by accepting small imbalances that we keep up going…



3 thoughts on “October 19, 2016: Monday Motivation

  1. You changed up your blog, a bit, since my last visit. Hey, if you don’t mind I’d like to respond to you question about how to respond to (my paraphrase) critical people / individuals getting into your face … Even though your question may have been rhetorical …
    Just briefly: 1) if you haven’t done it yet, develop your very own “poker face” … to give people your poker face, without words can be disruptive to the critics!
    2) a quote I love … “When it comes to flattery and criticism, sniff it and go on. Both can destroy you.”
    Okay, that’s more than enough. Peace to you. T

    • Thank you my dear friend! Your feedback is very important since you have followed this blog for a while! I hope that the change you witnessed has been an interesting one 😉 Thank you also for your advice, precisous!

  2. Doubting is good. Makes you question what others take for obvious. See things from a different perspective. Now, as in all things, you cannot doubt everything. Particularly yourself. 🙂

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