September 19, 2016: finding a new flatmate and how to be LUCKY

Hello, September

on the 9th I started writing that I look for a new flatmate. Today I finish my text and a new flatmate has already appeared! I am so grateful!

In fact, things are moving in my life with accelerated rhythms, compared  with what happened to me only two years ago.

Things that used to take time happen much faster. But I also need to decide if I seriously start a new book and the effect this could have on my blog. Can I keep up the rhythm with everything?

Well, I have come to love the blog and my blog friends: the solution is, possibly, to write short texts.

And to become extra LUCKY.

I will dedicate the next posts to this EXTRA MAGIC LUCK and how to get more of it.

Please feel free if you have any ideas or recipes to share 😉





4 thoughts on “September 19, 2016: finding a new flatmate and how to be LUCKY

  1. I’ve been writing a book for three years and writing my blog and producing stories. I have no secrets for efficiency. I just work a lot. And like almost all writers, I alternate types of writing so I don’t get bogged down and depressed about any of them. Somehow in my mind all this is connected to research I discovered while in college and had a job: Students who had jobs in addition to their classes got higher grades than students who didn’t have a job. As I said in one of my posts, creative people are capable of producing tremendous volumes of work. So I know you can continue your fine blog and write your book or books too.

  2. Please forgive me that I’m biased because I love your blog and hope you keep writing it! What if you did the outline for your book and then each blog post was a little section of it. That way you could do both at once

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