September 6, 2016: Back to School and back to London!

Hello there September

I just got back to London with a flue after a month and a half absence in the South of France. Actually, that is where I come from. It has been working for an art exhibition, family, book presentations. And some real holidays.

And now where to April? To London for another year!

With desires, fears and wishes on the bags, I brought with me.

An update of my last adventures? It might help me to set new goals for the ” rentrée”, or getting back to school.

The first year in London worked quite well, and I got to publish my first book, in France in the meanwhile.

I am up to for another year in London, should I look for a regular job or finish my last book or both?

In the meanwhile, I am going for some chocolate to get inspiration!



8 thoughts on “September 6, 2016: Back to School and back to London!

  1. London seems like a perfect place to create a new adventure for you ~ and a good start, as you say, is to go for some chocolate to get inspiration 🙂 Wish you a great start to the autumn ~

    • thank you so much, after having enjoyed nature it seems challenging to go back to work. But great to find again friends and colleagues. Actually I just got back from the chocolate break it makes a very positive difference 😉 I also wish you all the best and keep taking these wonderful photos, what an inspiration!

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