June 2nd, 2016: surprise cocktail with an ex

Hello June

tonight, at the cocktail party that followed the launching of an exhibition, I run into an old flame. He is a Belgian I had been in love with, briefly, during the preparation of an event,artistic event, and then he vanished somewhere in Germany. He has proposed to me to collaborate and I accepted even though working with him brings back memories.

He is in a relationship now, and he doesn’t seem very happy: this is probably the reason why he is bitter about my plans and perspectives. Not exactly what I need. Of course I need precision, I need to ask people with experience; but it is also good to have cheerleaders around who will tell you: just go for it!

At the same time I think he is talented and his idea makes sense. I shouldn’t throw it away but take a first step and see what it feels like working together again; in any case we don’t need any geographical proximity. And a lot of other people would be involved 🙂




6 thoughts on “June 2nd, 2016: surprise cocktail with an ex

  1. April why not try this… Every day, at the same time in your day just stop and listen to your voice. Give yourself the chance to trust yourself every day. We are all growing and listening to ourselves as we grow can be beautiful

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