June 1rst, 2016: Getting my self-confidence to work for me

Welcome June!

what if it’s cold and rainy in London, summer has arrived! And I will need your full suport for my plans, so listen carefully and come up with useful advice!

I had a meeting with an old friend and successful artist, who has built an international career; he has been presenting his work in different parts of the world. When we had first met we were both at the beginning, but it seems that my way had more road blocks. He evolved mainly in the States, I was in France. Now, he has become curator for a very avant-gard museum and also finds time for his work.

Somehow I felt stressed up at the end of this lunch, comparing his it to my situation.

Not again April, you might say.

Yes I know, I am more than lucky and grateful to find myself in London, but greed seems to be part of our culture; I want MORE

Is more better?

I need my self-confidence to work for me instead of sabotaging me. Is it worthwhile wondering, is my writing good enough? Is it going to be recognized by some powerful figure who decides on allocation of resources?

How about getting my power back and doing what I like better? The power figure is me!

Will my self-confidence be my personal trainer and coach?


Building Confidence

Developing Self-Confidence from within


8 thoughts on “June 1rst, 2016: Getting my self-confidence to work for me

  1. Hmm… reminds me a bit of myself… haha! I often feel stressed when hearing about certain goals to achieve. But that only happens because I already want to see how I can achieve it. As soon as I slow down and only move forward step by step not only the stress disappears but I can see that the journey holds everything I need to accomplish the task… step by step!

      • You know, I so understand what you feel…lol! We think we need to know it all right away and overwhelm us so much that often we put it aside because it seems like a huge mountain. Yes, just start with a first small step and then see where the next leads. You have nothig to lose and you have nothing to prove πŸ˜‰ See you soon 😊

  2. The main problem is not so much self confidence as visibility. Diffusion. And there are no recipes for visibility. Just move around and around, until someone catches sight of you. πŸ™‚

  3. Great article. I think even the best of us feel the way you did when it comes to comparing ourselves to others. It’s hard not to!
    Have a read of my latest post: ‘Self-Efficacy: Turning Doubt Into Drive’, I write about some of the ways we can try and change that feeling and make it work for us.

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