May 30, 2016: Decisions with a cool head and a warm heart

Hello dear May

two more days to go and since this is a holiday in London, I am taking it easy and update my goals. At times it feels there are so many things to do and I need to prioritize. To keep a cool head and a warm heart 😉

Travelling got in the way to my post a day objective, but I am getting back to it from June 1st. For June and July.

I start going to the gym tomorrow, I got my fitness suit already.

Now, considering practical questions:

Am I going to pursue my artistic organization career? Or just concentrate on writing?

What if writing becomes number one?

Ok writing becomes number one, and then I can put free-lance organization as number two.

There is the new book I plan and I need to fund myself so I can take the next year focusing on that.

I will stay in London for another year and see how it goes. Or open my scope and see if anything interesting presents itself somewhere else also?


I can take 20 minutes a day to research some resources.

And keep my mind cool.

And my heart warm 🙂

Cool Head, Warm Heart Table

Cool Head, Warm Heart